The Nature Conservancy is Anything But Conservative in Social Media

thenatureconservancyMatchUp4good continues to gain momentum as more organizations register on to gain pro bono expertise from the experts and unearth the power of social media.  The official launch date of May 24-26th is just around the corner and nonprofit causes representing diverse issues are telling their unique stories to Rx4good as these organizations seek to match their social media needs with WOMMA member companies willing to give of their time.

The Nature Conservancy, the leading global conservation organization that protects ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people, recently spoke with Rx4good.  Amy Ganderson, TNC’s Online Marketing Manager, talks about the recent oil spill in the gulf and TNC’s efforts surrounding Earth Day.

Rx4good: What initiative have you most recently focused on that you are most proud?

TNC: April 22, 2010 was one of our most successful Earth Day campaigns to date; possibly our best yet.  We were able to surpass last year’s traffic to our website and were even acknowledged by!

I believe this campaign succeeded because it was well thought out and fully-integrated: we clearly identified our goals, selected the right people to advocate, leveraged our social media, offered a variety of ways to become involved, and initiated it with perfect timing to keep our fans interested.

TNC wanted to increase our new member acquisition and decided that a one month period would really help in gaining momentum, so we began our Earth Day efforts in late March.  We utilized our internal staff members, who are already fully involved with the cause, to be advocates for our campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  We had a variety of ways that our fans could be involved, as we utilized Facebook’s petition and event features and also started a Twitter campaign.  The campaign was a true hit.

Rx4good: How are you building onto Earth Day’s momentum?

TNC: As a proponent for sustainability, we have tried to incorporate this concept into our campaigns; therefore, we have added a “Ways To Act” section to our Earth Day homepage (  There are three concentrations of focus including, Green Your Gardening, Use Reusable Bags, and Eat Sustainably.

Rx4good: How are you utilizing social media to carry out your three areas of focus?

TNC: We wanted to build the ‘whole story’ and reinforce our call to action through different channels.  Some examples of our work include blog posts that are actually written from our scientists on the ground and a discussion forum with tips and reminders.

Rx4good: What other efforts are you focusing on?

TNC: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill ( is a major focus right now.  We have scientists on-site blogging with updates, we’re offering opportunities to take action, and are lending expertise to the cause.  Our team is assessing the damages and we plan to act as a helpful hand to recovery with an emphasis on long term restoration.

Rx4good:  Can you explain what the spill could mean for some of our fish and wildlife?

TNC:  I think it’s really difficult to understand the full extent of the oil spill at this time. There’s so much at risk: wildlife, ecosystems, damage to the shellfish industry, and even the livelihood of others that depend of the Gulf.  The Nature Conservancy is using our science expertise to assess the damage of the oil spill.  We have state chapters in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and other Gulf states that are working hard lending their conservation expertise.

Rx4good:  What are you doing to encourage consumers to help and how are you using social media to encourage them?


We’re asking people to help the Gulf coast by doing three things.  The first item is to make a donation to help our restoration efforts in the Gulf.  We’ve created a separate fund called the Fund for Gulf Coast restoration.  Secondly, we’re asking people to tell their friends about what’s at stake for the Gulf Coast.  We’re using social media to really spread this message by giving updates to our fans and followers via our social networking channels.  Lastly, you could consider volunteering.  The Conservancy is coordinating with groups like the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana on immediate volunteer efforts.  Please visit for up-to-date information on The Nature Conservancy and the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Rx4good: What’s next for you with social media?  You’ve done so much already.

TNC: We’d like stay rooted in social media, but take it to the next level.  We’re also looking to expand our web presences through both mobile and Multilanguage.

Jessie Fream, Rx4good

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